mercredi 28 octobre 2015

The Jessie Brown Experience (infos)

With The Jessie Brown Experience you will discover the absolute best sensual, erotic, kinky, yet classy and intelligent Lady to make you feel like a king... or like a bitch! Are you tempted by an unforgettable erotic & tantric massage, or the realization of your deep fetishes ( at the Goddess discretion) . One way or the other, Goddess Jessie Brown will mesmerize you like no other! She is the ultimate Enchantrix and you will be totally satisfied. You will be teased, you will be tormented, and you will come back for more!

 Massage: An erotic massage will be offered to you, with sensual body slides, ending with an exquisit release. Goddess Jessie only purpose is to see you melt between Her hands, to see the enjoyment in your eyes and to caress and cherish your body until you reach Heaven. 


possibility to receive therapeutic treatments (ex: local pains ) 


 Also, receipts are written  separately. 

 it's a nude session your allowed to touch me always with respect and delicacy.

You have access to a shower facility so you can clean up before and after.

 If you decide to not take a shower before please make sure to have a good hygiene when you arrive. 

More details and pics to come! Do not hesitate to contact Goddess Jessie Brown via e-mail:

Best regards,
 Jessie Brown

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